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OCAS is the official Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Society in the Czech Republic, with membership open to all Oxbridge Alumni and research/teaching staff living in or with strong connections to the Czech Republic. We are a not-for-profit organisation and registered as such in the Czech Republic's registry, and our main role is simple - to organise social and networking events for our Members throughout the year, the costs of which are defrayed by the sale of tickets. OCAS also functions as a first point of contact for those Czechs wishing to study at Oxford or Cambridge, as well as for their families or teachers. The Society, which is more than 15 years old and has over 150 active members, is officially recognised and supported as an Alumni Group by the Alumni Offices of both Oxford and Cambridge Universities and we play a central role in the Alumni activities of both the Czech Republic and the wider region.

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The OCAS Committee 2023-2025

The Society is administered on behalf of its Members by a 7-head Committee, elected every two years from amongst the Membership at a General Assembly (the last time was in December 2023), as follows: the President, who acts as the legal representative of the Society and bears overall responsibility for strategy as well as its day to day administration both in regard to local Czech laws and regulations but also in regard to relations with and support from the University Alumni Office of each University; the Secretary, who is specifically responsible for all Membership issues and event matters; the Treasurer, who is responsible for day to day financial matters and manages our publicly viewable bank account; one representative from each University, normally being the current President of the Oxford or Cambridge Czech and Slovak Society, and finally two General Members elected from amongst the Society’s Members, often former Committee Members who provide invaluable experience, continuity, support and insight.

Alexander Rupert Felsing von der Vellen

Magdalene (Cam) 1985


Aldar Tsybyktarov

Aldar Tsybyktarov

St. Catherine’s (Ox) 2016


Daniela Krouzková

Daniela Kroužková

Green Templeton (Ox)

VP Oxford

Jakub Mickech

Jakub Mičkech

Fitzwilliam (Cam)

VP for Cambridge

Anna Strebl

Anna Strebl

Pembroke (Ox) 2015


Monika Marekova

Monika Mareková

Lincoln (Ox) 2013

General Member

Miroslav Gasparek

Miroslav Gasparek

St. Edmund Hall (Ox) 2020

General Member