OCAS Membership

If you would like to join us and think that you fulfil the Membership requirements we invite you to complete the Membership Application Form via the link on this page. Once your eligibility is confirmed, your membership will be submitted for approval by the Society’s Committee. With your Membership approved, you will then have the option, after your first year, of remaining a “paid-up Member” by paying an annual membership fee in January of each year and enjoying discounts on event tickets as well as invitations to Members-only events, or being an “unpaid member”, where you are still invited to all paid events but pay a higher, undiscounted rate together with all other attendees. The annual OCAS Membership fees for the years 2024 and 2025 are 1000 CZK per year. And remember, as a current student you and your first guest can attend all OCAS events at the reduced rate without being a Member!

Initial requirements for becoming a Member of OCAS:

Benefits of Becoming a Paid-up Member of OCAS: