Our Events

OCAS organises a number of events throughout the year, the costs of which are paid for by the sale of tickets, and these events can be purely social or networking themed. Our aim is to make for memorable experiences in an Oxbridge environment for Members and friends of OCAS. There are also a number of events which are organised only for paid-up OCAS Members (Members who have paid their membership fee for that particular year), and in 2024 these range from horse racing to wine tasting to opera. Paid-up Members also benefit from discounted entry to all our events. With a 300 CZK discount on tickets, it is normally worth becoming a Paid-up Member if you attend three or more events a year (or two if you bring a guest).

General Events open to 2024 Paid-up Members of OCAS, Members, current Oxbridge students and other non-OCAS Guests

Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

May Castle Weekend

Summer Garden Party

Freshers Farewell

Goose Dinner

Annual Christmas Party

Events open to 2024 Paid-Up Members and Life Members only

Paid-up and Life Members of OCAS are also eligible to attend a number of self-paying events together with all the other paid up Members, which in 2024 include:

A Night at the Opera – Carmen

Latina Race Day at Velke Chuchle

National Gallery Old Masters Guided Tour

The 133rd Velká Pardubická Steeplechase

Bordeaux and Côtes du Rhone Wine Tasting